CNC Machining for Custom Composite Molds and Aluminum Components

Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. utilizes high quality 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machining centers for fabricating your custom composite molded components and unique product prototypes. Whether your products and prototypes are fabricated with composite plastics, aluminum, or unique materials, Permay will machine your product to your exact specifications and at the highest quality possible.

Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. is committed to constant innovation and improvements in our manufacturing process. Through our ISO 9001 2008 quality control system, Permay manufacturing specialists are always implementing new fabrication and machining techniques intended to improve the manufacturing process while providing the best products and rapid prototype development services available in today’s market.

Finished Product Painting and Assembly Services

After your composite mold component or custom prototype has been machined and milled, the finished component fabrication specialists at Permay will apply the specified paints or finishes to your product, including using textured paints and customer supplied materials to deliver the perfect finalized product, ever time. Permay also offers exceptional product assembly services, saving your company both time and effort by delivering a completed product ready for installation and use the minute the components arrive at your facility.

Contact the CNC machining specialists at Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. today for more information regarding our quality CNC milling and finished product assembly services.