Rapid Prototype Development and Manufacturing

Possessing a high quality, finely detailed, and functional prototype of a product is essential to the manufacturing and implementation process. Prototypes allow manufacturers to see what a finished product will look like and how it will be used, providing them with excellent insight and understanding of a potential new product. Finding the right company to manufacture your prototype can make all the difference between full-scale fabrication and going back to the drawing board.

All prototype development and manufacturing is completed with strict adherence to the Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. ISO 9001 2008 system. This provides our prototype engineers with a guideline for manufacturing high quality prototypes while giving our developers the freedom to find new and increasingly beneficial ways to create unbeatable finished-product prototypes for our customers.

Prototype Show Models and Engineering Model Fabrication

Prototype fabrication services from Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. aren’t just limited to finished product examples. We also design and fabricate excellent product show models for demonstration purposes and accurately scaled engineering models for help with the design and implementation of custom molded composite products. Our prototype modeling services feature an exquisite level of detail unmatched by any competitors in the industry, delivering quality prototype display models sure to impress.

Plastic and Aluminum Prototype CNC Machining Services and Product

Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. utilizes cutting edge 3 axis and 5 axis CNC machining centers for fabricating exceptional product prototypes. From plastic composite prototypes to durable aluminum prototypes, Permay’s 3 and 5 axis CNC machining capabilities will manufacture the perfect prototype for your company’s needs and vision.

Contact the rapid prototype development experts at Permay Prototypes and Composites Inc. today for more information about our prototype design and fabrication services and how our quality examples can greatly benefit your product development and implementation.