The Permay Prototypes and Composites Inc. Mission Statement

We view each project as a step toward building a long term trusted relationship. Quality is achieved through considerable efforts in R&D with our customer’s product and reliability in mind. It is our goal to provide customers the service and satisfaction required in today’s rapidly evolving market place.

Rapid Prototype Development and Custom Composite Molding Company History

Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. was established in 1947 to design and manufacture high quality sales and advertising models, plastic cast items, and rubber molded products for a wide variety of industries. Over time, our services and production capabilities have evolved to match the needs of our customers and changes in technology. Today, Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. fabricates high quality prototypes, highly detailed scaled engineering models, and custom plastic and composite molded components for the medical and industrial fabrication industries. We pair our services with highly technical CNC machining techniques capable of making and creating unbeatable quality products created to our customers exacting specifications.

Contact the rapid prototype development and composite molding experts at Permay Prototypes and Composites, Inc. today for more information about our exceptional production services and why partnering with Permay is always a great decision.